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A good camera is not a guarantee for good images and even less finding good locations with good lighting. La Palma is a place of many of those ingredients: lots of green, leafy in the North, a National Park with water streams and lots of colors inside a volcanic crater in the center, the volcanic south where we can find a predominant red colored rock, the petrified lava rivers and the deep blue color of the sea. My photographic trips to La Palma are mostly for a short period of time and I always try to find new locations to visit. That´s why I contacted RawScapes Photo and through there “Fire” tour I discovered the amazing landscapes of the south and it was exactly what I was looking for. The indications and the technical assistance that I received from Dominic Dähncke and Van Marty were of great use and I´m sure of going back to try one of their other tours as well. The knowledge they have of the island assures me that I will leave every time with new photos that will become part of my gallery. aaaa>> Web <<

José Fco. López | Gran Canaria,
"Fire" tour

La Palma is an incredible island and varied in nature, with both green and volcanic black landscapes and we can´t forget the rugged coastlines with black beaches and the clear blue Ocean. The best part of it is that it´s free of mass tourism. The company of RawScapes Photo consists of two photographers with a lot of experience and that don´t only pay attention to the typical landscape. They will make you feel at home and they have great vision for good photographic moments and the possibilities of the places they visit. With the “Air” tour I discovered the sky of La Palma which is considered to be one of the most spectacular skies in the world. aaaaaa>> Web <<

Andrew George | The Netherlands,
"Air" tour

We awaken in Cubo de La Galga accompanied by two great photographers, which are Dominic Martín Dähncke y Marten van Dijken. Without them we would not be able to find these amazing and hidden places, situated in Puntallana, a place filled with mystery and mystic energy that will enchant you. Thanks for this location as well as other locations which without your help we wouldn´t be able to find these fantastic places of nature of La Palma. Without a doubt we will come back.

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Víctor Sandarrubia | Tenerife,
"Water" tour